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Aircrack Changelog

Version 2.41 released on 2005-11-22. Changes from version 2.4:

  • airodump: show probing clients as “not associated”
  • airodump: don't substract the noise level unless madwifi
  • airodump: fixed channel hopping with old orinoco
  • added detection of the zd1211 driver

Version 2.4 released on 2005-11-12. Changes from version 2.3:

  • airodump: display ESSIDs from Probe Requests
  • airodump: don't overwrite existing capture files
  • airodump: create a logfile of the gps coordinates
  • airodump: every 20s, sort the detected APs by power
  • airodump: display the remaining battery capacity
  • airodump: use ioctl() instead of calling iwconfig
  • airodump: added support for radiotap headers
  • aireplay: added option -j (FromDS packet injection)
  • aireplay: added prismheader support for rt2500 / rt2570
  • aireplay: fixed attack -0 when injecting on ralink usb
  • aireplay: fixed attack -3 (ring buffer / deauth problem)
  • aircrack: don't bruteforce the last 2 keybytes by default
  • aircrack: changed the fudge factor type to float
  • aircrack: added option -t (restrict keyspace to BCD)
  • aircrack: fixed the check_wep_key false positive bug
  • aircrack: fixed overflow of the number of tested keys
  • aircrack: lower number of required IVs if -d is used
  • mergeivs and pcap2ivs: initial release

Version 2.3 released on 2005-08-28. Changes from version 2.23:

  • aireplay: added patch for injection on Ralink USB
  • aireplay: improved deauthentication attack (-c flag)
  • aireplay: don't enable the prism header on athXraw
  • airodump: fixed rare hanging problem in dump_write_csv
  • airodump: workaround for ipw2200 wep data corruption bug
  • airodump: tweaked dump_print to make more space for ESSID
  • aircrack: added support for 152-bit WEP cracking
  • updated the documentation and merged versioning patch

Version 2.23 released on 2005-08-17. Changes from version 2.22:

  • aireplay: updated the madwifi patch, fixes WEP/WPA support
  • airodump: fixed a few buffer overflows, code cleanup for gcc4
  • aircrack: also printf the WEP key if >= 75% ASCII caracters

Version 2.22 released on 2005-08-14. Changes from version 2.21:

  • aireplay: now compatible with madwifi CVS 2005-08-14
  • airodump: fixed the output power with newer madwifi

Version 2.21 released on 2005-08-09. Changes from version 2.2:

  • airodump: forcefully exit when user presses Ctrl-C
  • airodump: bugfixed (yet again) ESSID uncloacking
  • airodump: re-create the ivs file if no header present
  • aircrack: changed the default fudge factor back to 2
  • airdecap: fixed the incorrect output pcap header length

Version 2.2 released on 2005-08-03. Changes from version 2.2-beta12:

  • aireplay: (attack 1) added G rates in the association request
  • fixed the Makefile for compilation on FreeBSD / Mac OS X

Version 2.2-beta12 released on 2005-07-30. Changes from version 2.2-beta11:

  • aireplay: bugfixed the madwifi patch, switched to 20050707
  • aireplay: avoid triggering “protocol XX00 is buggy” messages
  • airodump: don't reset the card when hopping between channels
  • airodump: ipw2200 didn't like calling “iwpriv ethX monitor 1”
  • airodump: added support for airodump on WRT54G / OpenWRT
  • airodump: commit the .txt statistics file every 20 seconds
  • aircrack: increased the default fudge factor (3 for WEP-104)

Version 2.2-beta11 released on 2005-07-27. Changes from version 2.2-beta10:

  • aireplay: updated the madwifi patch to inject in b/g mode
  • aireplay: fixed attack 2 (it wrongly swapped the smac & dmac)
  • aircrack: (cygwin) added O_BINARY flag to force binary mode

Version 2.2-beta10 released on 2005-07-23. Changes from version 2.2-beta9:

  • aireplay: fixed the status line not showing in attack -3
  • aireplay: updated the madwifi and hostap injection patches
  • aireplay: added patches for injection on rt2500 and rtl8180
  • aircrack: added detection of 802.1d in check_wep_key
  • airodump: restore prismheader link level info w/ hostap
  • airodump: create the output file if there's no pcap header
  • airdecap: added flag -l to disable ethernet conversion
  • updated the win32 port and rewrote the documentation

Version 2.2-beta9 released on 2005-07-21. Changes from version 2.2-beta8:

  • aireplay: fixed the invalid rtc file descriptor bug
  • aircrack: actually fixed the prism header endianness bug

Version 2.2-beta8 released on 2005-07-21. Changes from version 2.2-beta7:

  • aireplay: specify the deauth count instead of delay
  • aircrack: fixed an endianness issue with the prism header
  • aircrack: added the experimental single bruteforce attack
  • airodump: do enable the prismheader with wlan-ng
  • airodump: WEP/WPA: show the number of data packets
  • airodump: show total number of captured beacon packets
  • airodump: orinoco: fixed “iwpriv ethX monitor 1” command
  • airdecap: fixed an endianness issue with the packet length
  • airdecap: skip already processed duplicate packets

Version 2.2-beta7 released on 2005-07-14. Changes from version 2.2-beta6:

  • airodump: don't enable the prismheader with wlan-ng
  • aircrack: fixed check_wepkey() to avoid false positives
  • completed the preliminary win32 port

Version 2.2-beta6 released on 2005-07-12. Changes from version 2.2-beta5:

  • aireplay: fixed injection of fromds packets on Prism2
  • aireplay: attack 0: target access point must be specified
  • aireplay: attack 1: allow the user to change reauth delay
  • aircrack: fixed race condition when realloc() ap→ivbuf
  • airodump: fixed endianness issue when parsing prism header

Version 2.2-beta5 released on 2005-07-10. Changes from version 2.2-beta4:

  • aireplay: added patch for single-nic injection on hostap
  • aireplay: fixed chopchop attack in non-authenticated mode
  • aireplay: don't flood the AP with authentication requests
  • aircrack: bruteforce the last two keybytes by default
  • aircrack: improved handling of partial WPA handshakes
  • aircrack, airdecap: added WPA2 (RSN / 802.11i) support

Version 2.2-beta4 released on 2005-07-03. Changes from version 2.2-beta3:

  • aircrack: new option to restrict WEP search space to ascii
  • aircrack: fixed concurrency bug with multiple .cap files
  • aircrack: fixed incorrect detection of WPA CCMP handshakes
  • aircrack: fixed incorrect handling of HMAC-SHA1 WPA MIC
  • aireplay: fixed deauth problem when chopchoping a packet
  • aireplay: added a workaround for error “Write buffer full”
  • airodump: added support for prism header on prism54
  • airodump: save the list of detected wireless clients
  • airunwep: renamed to airdecap, added WPA decryption support

Version 2.2-beta3 released on 2005-06-28. Changes from version 2.2-beta2:

  • aircrack: fixed the tracking of new IVs
  • aireplay: fixed the CPU usage bug in attack 3
  • when reading pcap files, check the packet length

Version 2.2-beta2 released on 2005-06-27. Changes from version 2.2-beta1:

  • aireplay: added fully automated ARP replay attack
  • aireplay: added automated deauthentication attack
  • aireplay: added fake authentication in Monitor mode
  • aircrack: various pthread enhancements & bugfixes

Version 2.2-beta1 released on 2005-06-22. Changes from version 2.1:

  • aircrack: now auto-updates if new IVs are available
  • aircrack: fixed #285441 (struct pcap_pkthdr on AMD64)
  • aircrack: fixed the pcap endianness problem
  • aircrack: added essid filtering option and quiet mode
  • aircrack: only print status info every 1/20th second
  • aircrack: added WPA-PSK cracking support from cowpatty
  • aircrack: added EAPOL frame type detection and display
  • aircrack: each korek attack can be disabled selectively
  • airodump: added 802.11 b/g (2.4 GHz) channel hopping
  • airodump: added a file format for logging only the IVs
  • airodump: CRC is properly removed if driver is madwifi
  • airodump: input packets can be read from a pcap file
  • airodump: bugfixed WPA detection and ESSID uncloaking
  • airodump: also display a list of detected stations
  • aireplay: implemented chopchop and arp-forgery
  • aireplay: added patches for single-nic injection
  • 802ether: bugfixed and renamed to airunwep

Version 2.1 released on 2004-10-01. Changes from version 2.0.2:

  • added 11g and WPA detection support in airodump
  • aircrack automatically avoids using WPA IVs
  • aircrack can break 256-bit and 512-bit WEP keys
  • win32 - fixed yet again the “missed IVs” bug
  • win32 - ported the 802ether WEP decryptor program

Version 2.0.2 released on 2004-09-24. Changes from version 2.0.1:

  • win32 - added the WZCOOK key recovery program
  • fixed a bug in the BSSID iteration code in airodump
  • completely rewrote the documentation, moved to /docs

Version 2.0.1 released on 2004-09-21. Changes from version 2.0:

  • win32 - fixed the channel reset bug
  • win32 - fixed the “missed IVs” bug
  • win32 - rewrote drivers.txt

Version 2.0 released on 2004-09-03. Changes from version 1.4:

  • native win32 port of airodump and aircrack
  • aireplay better spots potential arp-requests

Version 1.4 released on 2004-08-26. Changes from version 1.3:

  • fixed check_wepkey, works with exotic LLC headers
  • airodump prints lots of information, Kismet-style

Version 1.3 released on 2004-08-19. Changes from version 1.2:

  • bugfixed and improved KoreK's code
  • renamed airunwep to 802ether

Version 1.2 released on 2004-08-17. Changes from version 1.1:

  • implemented KoreK's advanced WEP attacks
  • completely rewrote the SMP engine

Version 1.1 released on 2004-08-11. Changes from version 1.0:

  • implemented WEP arp-requests replay attack
  • improved the fudge calculation algorithm
  • added multi-processor support

Version 1.0 released on 2004-07-29

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